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I’ve always liked the quote “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”- Fred Devito. It is so much easier to eat unhealthy and NOT prep your meals, and NOT wake up at 5:00 am to get that workout in, but the payoff of doing those things are much greater. Feeling strong and energized is an amazing feeling and I love helping others feel the same way. I have worked in the health field for many years. Starting as an Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. Working primarily with children with disabilities and the Geriatric population. I helped my clients achieve their independence through skilled therapy. While working in the OT field I had a personal passion for fitness. It started with marathon running, however I was missing something in my training. Then I decided to hire a personal trainer to add weight training into my routine and the results I had were amazing. I went for many years routinely and couldn’t describe the feeling I had after every workout. The physical changes along with the psychological changes you get from a healthy diet and exercise can’t be purchased over the counter. I realized then that I wanted to help people achieve their fitness goals and show them it really is possible if you follow a plan and stay consistent. I then became a personal trainer with American Council on Exercise . I also have a nutrition certification through ACE. I want people to know it doesn’t matter your current fitness level or fitness background you have, it’s possible to become the best version of yourself at any age.

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