InBody Composition Scan

Track Your Progress Like Never Before With The InBody Composition Scan At Defining Moment Fitness

Tired of wondering whether your workouts are working? Tired of relying on the scale to tell you how healthy you are?

At Defining Moment Fitness, we’re helping you take your training to the next level with the InBody Composition Scan, a cutting-edge tool that helps you better understand your body, set aggressive goals for yourself, and monitor your progress towards those goals each and every day.

The InBody Composition Scan is offered with all Success Sessions at Defining Moment Fitness and offered as a monthly assessment for all current clients.

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So, How Does The InBody Composition Scan Work?

The InBody Composition Scan is making it easier than ever for men and women to better understand what success looks like on a fitness journey.

For too long, we have been limited to rudementary tools like the scale and a waist measurement to determine whether or not we’re reaching our goals. Our team here at Defining Moment Fitness is helping you change that mindset.

The InBody Scan gives you a comprehensive understanding of your body composition in a simple, easy-to-understand sheet. We’re helping you learn about your body’s muscle mass, your fat content, and even the water weight you carry each day.

With the help of our dedicated professionals, you can use the InBody Composition Scan to reframe the way you think about your training routine. We’ll help you set concrete goals and measure your progress with precision every step of the way.

The InBody Composition Scan is giving men and women across Mt. Pleasant the chance to take on:

  • An improved understanding of your body
  • Measureable goals to help you find success
  • Data-based training strategies for real results
  • Professional coaching and motivation along the way

Join Us In Mt. Pleasant And Treat Yourself To The Comprehensive InBody Composition Scan Today!

If you’re tired of guessing at that success of your workout routine, it’s time to join us here at Defining Moment Fitness. We’re giving people of all fitness levels the chance to train with a purpose and take concrete steps toward your goals each and every day.

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