Metabolic Assessment

Maximize Your Results With Our Metabolic Assessment Program

What’s the first thing you think of when you’re drawing up a new workout routine in your mind?

You’re going to go hard a few days a week, you’re going to carve out a few rest days, you’re going to start eating a little better.

And that’s it. The results will follow, right?

At Defining Moment Fitness, we’re here to show you that there’s a little bit more to it than that. With our Metabolic Assessment program, we’re giving everyday men and women the chance to better understand their bodies and better identify the most efficient and effective path to success.

We’re giving Mt. Pleasant access to cutting-edge tools like Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) testing and VO2 Max testing, helping you master every aspect of your workout routine.

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>Master Your Resting Metabolic Rate With Our Metabolic Assessment Program

It sounds like a dream but the truth is, our bodies are burning calories all day long – even when we’re just sitting around. You burn calories just maintaining your body’s everyday functions but like with everything else, not two bodies are the same.

Our Resting Metabolic Rate testing is designed to help you better understand your body’s average output and to understand the caloric intake that your body needs for maximum performance.

At Defining Moment Fitness, we’re proud to work with athletes all across Mt. Pleasant. Our RMR testing is great for:

  • Complete beginners planning for a path to success
  • Endurance athletes looking for an edge
  • Men and women hoping to get the most out of dieting
  • Everyone who wants to better understand how their body works

PLUS, Our Metabolic Assessment System Includes VO2 Max Testing

Say you’ve got a specific goal in mind. Maybe it’s fat burning. Maybe it’s strength building. Maybe your entire focus is on long-lasting endurance. Each goal requires a distinct focus on achieving an optimal heart rate.

Our VO2 Max testing is giving athletes across Mt. Pleasant the chance to intensify the precise heart rate you need to succeed and then build your workout routine around it.

At Defining Moment Fitness, we’re helping athletes of all ages and abilities:

  • Reduce the risk of overuse and injury
  • Achieve their body’s maximum output
  • Exercise with astounding efficiency
  • Take on your training program with more confidence than ever before

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If you’re looking for a better way to maximize your workout routine and get the very most out of your body, join us here in Mt. Pleasant today and treat yourself to our renowned Metabolic Assessment system.

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