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We offer semi-private programs! Small group training can help you stay motivated and have fun while you exercise.

Everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to exercising, so we’re here to make sure everyone’s needs are met at Defining Moment Fitness. We offer a variety of options, including personal, semi-private, and group training, for people in Charleston, South Carolina and surrounding areas. So, whether you’re a highly sociable person or you just want to get motivated by working out with other people, you can count on having access to lively workouts in a group setting when you visit our studio.

Group Training in Charleston, South Carolina

There are a lot of reasons to consider group training. For instance, group training can be helpful if you lack energy when you work out. Even if you enter a class feeling tired, other people’s energy can be infectious, giving you the drive you need to get a good workout. In addition, group training classes are an excellent way to make connections with people who have similar goals to yours. Improving fitness can be hard at times, but knowing you’re not alone could be a big comfort to you, not to mention that you and your classmates can keep each other accountable. And if you usually think that exercise is boring, think again. You might be surprised at how fun group training can be. Maybe you’ll even look forward to it.

Our certified and educated coaches will ensure that your group training classes are as enjoyable as they are challenging, so you can meet your fitness goals. To learn more about group training or our other programs, contact us today with your questions.