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Nutrition plays a critical role in reaching your fitness goals.

You might have heard before that fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise. And while you may want to take that with a grain of salt, it’s true that nutrition is very important when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. We recognize that at Defining Moment Fitness, and that’s why our nutritionist is here to assist you in getting all the nutrients you need to get whole nutritional value as well as the results you desire.

Nutritionist in Charleston, South Carolina

Having a personal nutritionist comes with many benefits. To start, they build your nutrition program around you, your body, and your lifestyle in stark contrast to the cookie-cutter diet plans you might have heard of from friends or on the internet. That means you’re much more likely to see results, and you can have peace of mind that you’re achieving them in a healthy, sustainable way. In addition, having a personal nutritionist means they can adjust your plan if needed as you observe changes over the course of your program. Then there’s the fact that they can give you ideas for meal prep, which will save you time and perhaps even make space in your schedule to exercise consistently. All these benefits can go far in helping you reach your goals, and we would love nothing more than to be the ones you turn to for that.

We are proud to provide our nutrition programs for those in the Charleston, South Carolina community. If you need a nutritionist who will help you get healthy and see results, contact us today.