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In your busy life, making the time or finding the motivation to work out regularly can be a challenge, to say the least. However, it’s a challenge worth taking on when you consider the difference that fitness can make in your physical and mental health, your confidence, and your overall happiness. If you recognize it’s time to make a positive change in your life, we’re here to help you through that transformation.

At Defining Moment Fitness, we offer a variety of fitness programs to best suit your needs, including private, semi-private, and group fitness classes led by our professional trainers. Because our priority is to help you get the results you’re looking for, we always take an individualized approach.


You can count on us to develop a customized program that meets you where you are and challenges you to grow. Of course, we’ll adjust your workouts and nutrition protocols when necessary after enough time has passed for us to assess what is and isn’t working for you. In addition, our open studio provides a positive and fun atmosphere where you can feel the encouragement you need throughout your fitness journey.


In many ways, what you do outside of the gym is more important than what you do while you’re here. We designed our nutrition program at Defining Moment Fitness to be flexible and sustainable. Get the results you want faster than training alone.

Personal Training

Make and achieve your fitness goals with one-on-one training from a professional.

Group Training

Group training can help you stay motivated and have fun while you exercise.

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Why Choose Us?


Qualified Trainers

All our trainers are nationally certified or have exercise degrees, so you can rest assured that our team knows what they’re doing.

Customized Programs

Customized Programs

Cookie-cutter programs have no place in our philosophy or our studio, so you can rely on getting an individualized approach.

Engaging Atmosphere

Engaging Atmosphere

We maintain a positive, empowering, and engaging environment at our studio to support you in your goals.

Success Stories

“I’ve struggled with weight issues my entire life, despite going on diets and working out. This gym has helped me reached my goals and I’ve never felt better.”

- Jon Marx

“I love the community here. In my first class here I made friends. Those friendships keep me coming back and pushing harder each time.”

- Cara Maellena

“I’ve been lifting for years but I’m amazed at how much the coaches here have improved my technique. I also love the group class atmosphere.”

- Dylan Connelly

Defining Moment Fitness

We’re proud to offer quality fitness classes to the Charleston, South Carolina community. Get started by contacting us today.